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Why You Should Support Your Franchisee Association

Franchising Rights

AAFD Fair Franchising Initiatives

  • Promoting the climate of franchising based upon the AAFD vision of Total Quality Franchising — collaborative franchise cultures and greater profitability for franchise owners.
  • Promoting the AAFD Fair Franchising Standards and Franchisee Bill of Rights to protect franchisees and provide direction to prospective franchisees.
  • Identifying best practices in franchising and to drive the franchising market to exemplary franchisors.
  • Developing negotiating leverage by building strong independent franchisee associations.
  • AAFD’s exclusive Franchise Evaluation Tool – Easily grade franchise opportunities against the AAFD’s Eight Criteria for Buying a Franchise.
  • Legislative advocacy for matters of concern to owners of franchised businesses
  • Bringing value to our members through the AAFD’s body of knowledge.

Summary of AAFD Financial Benefits and Discounts



It’s simple – all franchisees should be AAFD members!

The AAFD is Your Center for Total Quality Franchising. This is a concept that extends far beyond improving your relationship with your franchisor, or fixing your contract. The AAFD is dedicated to making your business work better, and to help you increase your profits and your quality of life. We will only complete the journey with your continued and renewed support.

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