Join us in welcoming Keith to this exclusive group of legal professionals.

Introducing Keith Marnholtz of Eckberg Lammers, our latest addition to the AAFD Franchisee LegaLinesm network. As the head of the franchise and distribution law team at one of Minneapolis-St. Paul and western Wisconsin’s top law firms, Keith brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our members community.

Keith has assisted franchisee clients across the nation with litigation and arbitration. He has also managed litigation for an international franchisor, gaining a unique perspective from both sides of the franchise relationship and attorney-client relationship.

Eckberg Lammers has been providing comprehensive legal services to clients for over 70 years with an innovative and all-encompassing approach representing all parties involved in franchise and distribution law relationships. By comprehensively understanding the legal nuances, driving factors, and individual objectives of each party, Eckberg Lammers provides expert representation to franchisees, dealers, distributors, franchisors, and manufacturers.

As part of our commitment to all our AAFD Franchisee Members, esteemed attorney Keith Marnholtz is extending a no-cost, first-time consultation. Do not miss this chance to access legal guidance tailored to your franchising needs.

You can reach Keith Marnholtz at and view his listing here. Please visit our Franchisee LegaLinesm Network for more information.