For 40 years, I was a lawyer specializing in resolution of commercial disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation – it took so much time, cost clients so much money and often became nothing more than a game of chance, without principled negotiation on either side.

Now, I am a full-time, neutral arbitrator and mediator of commercial disputes who is committed to principled resolution based on a realistic appraisal of possible outcomes and the likelihood of attaining them through negotiation, arbitration or litigation.

I am based in Boston but travel everywhere in person (without charge for time of travel) or by Zoom to help parties resolve their commercial disputes.

I retired from representing clients in 2017 – since then I’ve arbitrated and mediated more than 200 commercial disputes (and sometimes serve as an expert witness in franchise cases, including lawyer malpractice).

Regularly named one of the country’s best franchise trial lawyers by Chambers USA. Currently named outstanding ADR practitioner by WWL (Who’s Who Legal: Franchising 2023) — “Arthur stands out as one of the great franchise lawyers to peers and clients who widely celebrate him as ‘wonderful arbitrator and mediator.’”

Regarded as top mediator for franchise disputes: “Your intellect and knowledge of franchising are at the top of our profession. Combining that with your care for people, your ability to communicate in a direct manner with humility, and your doggedness makes you the go-to mediator in franchising.” LinkedIn comment 12/10/23 by Pete Silverman, partner, Shumaker Loop & Kendrick, LLP.

I know business — I taught franchising in MBA Program of Babson College, Wellesley, MA; taught franchise law at Temple University School of Law; taught franchise law to hundreds of lawyers at International Franchise Association and American Bar Association Forum on Franchising Continuing Legal Education Programs from 1990 to present.

Keenly aware of parties’ interest in expeditious, fair, and cost-effective resolution of their commercial dispute.

Welcomes parties and counsel earnestly motivated in resolving commercial disputes on a principled basis without drama, threats, expensive discovery, long wait times for courts.

Compared to the alternatives, I’m a bargain.

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