Dear AAFD Delegates, Members, and Supporters,

As lead sponsor of this year’s milestone Franchisee Leadership Summit commemorating the AAFD’s 30th Anniversary, I applaud the AAFD’s difficult decision to postpone our annual conference to September, given the hospitality industry’s labor and staffing challenges, and given great concern to adequately operate all of their restaurant and food service facilities on the premises. While this is very disappointing, meeting the expectations of and providing comfort and convenience for participants is of utmost importance. In addition, AAFD is very sensitive to the challenges posed from nationwide staffing shortages by many prospective attendees leaving their business operations improperly attended at this time. Coincidentally, I just hosted the 30th Anniversary celebration of Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski & Brito, P.A. at my residence a few months ago, and experienced first-hand the many hurdles for sourcing labor and supplies to properly carry out a large event.

My law firm partners and myself look forward to being present in September to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the AAFD at the rescheduled Franchisee Leadership Summit, and encourage all AAFD chapters and affiliated associations to join us for this commemorative and celebratory 30th Anniversary event. It is time to get back to moving forward and climbing higher in our purpose, and thank the AAFD for its many years of paving the way for the success of Franchisees.

I look forward to seeing you in September.

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