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2024 Franchisee Leadership Summit
May 5-8 | St. Louis

Empowering the collective strength of franchisees


2024 AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit.

May 5-8 | St. Louis

Let us seize this opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the franchising world!

Our Services and Areas of Expertise

Fairness Initiatives

The AAFD’s mission is to achieve Total Quality Franchising We do this by promoting fair and equitable franchising and dealer practices and empowering effective independent franchise associations.  

Franchise Associations

Many voices speaking together are hard for a franchisor to ignore. Use your collective power to win a seat at the table and to fight for fair treatment from your franchisor. It all starts with forming a franchisee chapter.

Association Management

AAFD is the most efficient and cost effective way to form a Franchise Association! Our goal is to help your franchisee chapter get off the ground, provide value to your members, and succeed in your mission.

Franchise Attorneys

Do you need a franchise attorney to review your franchise agreement, assess a potential case, or just answer pressing legal questions? Our Franchisee LegaLinesm members are the best in the biz!

Buying a Franchise

Thinking of buying a franchise?
Before you commit your time, effort, and life savings into a franchise business, learn the facts, as well as the true risks that franchisors don’t want you to know about!

Form a Chapter for your Franchise System

The AAFD can help build an Independent chapter for your franchise system and provide management and support services in a simplified, cost-effective way. Your Association will be officially formed, and you will be on your way to achieving a more fair and equitable relationship with your franchisor.


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Join us at the AAFD 2024 Franchisee Leadership event, where growth strategies, leadership development, and the pursuit of franchise fairness converge with actionable insights. We are excited to introduce Ana Welsh as our ...

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