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Who Will Win The Advertising Super Bowl in 2014?

Posted on Date: Jan 24, 2014

Who Will Win The Advertising Super Bowl in 2014?


The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are now set as we count down the days until Super Bowl XLVIII. The  Broncos and Sea Hawks are on a hot streak, but they have nothing compared to the sizzling cost of commercial time during the big game. According to , the price for a 30 second spot during  the game is averaging about $4 million (up to $4.5 million). Big companies are willing to pay the price for all the eyeballs they get in return. Last year’s game between the Ravens and 49ers held the attention of over 108 million Americans, making it the third most watched television event in U.S. history.

The Super Bowl represents the culmination of sports achievement for football players and football fans. It also beautifully represents one of the greatest benefits of the franchise system – brand visibility. A local sub shop owner could never hope to scrounge up $4 million for an ad during the Super Bowl, but last year Subway aired three spots, giving each of their franchisees unparalleled visibility. In fact, franchisors have a long history of dominating the ad airwaves during the Super Bowl, which provides their franchisees with incredible branding that no single business owner could hope to obtain on their own.

To demonstrate the marketing power of franchising, for the past 25 years the AAFD has reported the Advertising Super Bowl, tracking how many Super Bowl Ads are placed by franchisors as compared to all other ‘non-franchising’ companies.   In the  history of the Advertising Super Bowl, franchisors have dominated the match-up, taking more Super Bowl air time than non-franchisors 24 out of 25 years. During Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, the AAFD survey found that 74% of the ads aired during the four hour game came from businesses engaged in franchising. (Check out the full AAFD survey breakdown from 2013)

Interested in seeing who will win this year’s advertising Super Bowl? Follow the AAFD on Twitter for live updates during the game and subscribe to the Franchisee Voice Blog to find out the survey results.

I can’t tell you which team is going to win the Super Bowl, but when it comes to advertising, franchisees are certainly the odds on favorites to carry the day.

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