Ah, fall!  The season of change.  There is a crisp note in the air, the leaves in most parts of the country are beginning to show their red, yellow and orange hues.  And, if you are like me, you are also thinking about what to do about your health insurance.  Because it is Open Enrollment Season, the time when employers and employees alike renew or replace their group health insurance plans. 

As you may be aware, the AAFD offers fantastic and low-cost health care options through our Lifestyle Health Plans. We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently introduced even more network options so you can enjoy more health care choices at a better price! These plans are ideal for franchisee associations or simply for you, your family, and your employees. 

Our plans have proven to be between 10% to as much as 50% lower than AAFD members’ existing plans, — this should be reason enough to request a quote. 

But let me give you some others: 

  • It’s easy!  All you have to do to get a preliminary quote is send an employee census and, if you have one, your current health plan benefit summary and rates.   
  • Health insurance enables you to attract and retain quality employees. 
  • Employees with health insurance are healthier and more productive. 
  • It costs less than individual health insurance.  If you and your spouse are both employed by your business, you qualify for a group plan. 
  • It’s a deductible business expense. 

Full disclosure –There is no “silver bullet”; no guarantee-issue plan that is also low cost.  Traditional group health insurance plans are community rated and guarantee-issued; because of this, the rates are usually high, or the benefits are low or there is a combination of both.  The bottom line is that there is always a tradeoff.  The reason for this is that insurance companies recognize that they must accept everyone, regardless of age, gender or, most importantly, health status.  To mitigate this risk, their actuaries factor the potential claim impact into their rate calculations. 

On the other hand, all of our health plans are risk-rated.  This means that the relative risk of each employee in a group that applies for coverage is reviewed; and final, binding rates will be based on those same factors of age, gender and, most importantly, health.  But unlike community rated plans that pool your experience with all other groups in a region, our rates are based only on your group’s information.  Also, unlike traditional community-rated health plans, our rates are not guaranteed.  But if you have a relatively healthy* group of employees or have a group large enough to mitigate the chronic health conditions of a few, then you should really take the time to check us out! 

All you have to do to get started is request a quote using the form on the AAFD Health Benefits website.  

I look forward to hearing from you! 

*A major health condition is defined as someone being actively treated for any high-dollar chronic disease including, cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart disorder, liver disorder, MS, transplant, alcohol or drug abuse