Dear AAFD Members and Friends: 

Re: AAFD Lifestyle Health Plans – Our Promise Delivered! 

For the past quarter century our chapter leaders and members have begged for help controlling health insurance costs. Indeed, the NUMBER ONE MEMBER REQUEST after protecting franchisee rights has been to find an affordable health insurance solution. You told us that an affordable health care option would independently justify AAFD annual dues and would be a major attraction for chapter member recruitment.  

So, for the past 25 years, our team has searched for game-changing healthcare programs that would address our members’ health insurance needs. The AAFD Health Benefits suite of services that we have engineered with the dedicated support of our engaged agent, Steven Chapkin, have always been competitive. But last October the AAFD hit pay dirt when we secured and announced AAFD Lifestyle Health Plans from Medova Healthcare. These plans offer a range of group health insurance packages with premium savings averaging more than 30% compared to our members’ existing costs for qualified groups of two or more employees. 

AAFD Lifestyle Health Plans are available with exclusive discounts available only to AAFD members. These plans share the following features: 

  • National PPO provider network 
  • Minimum enrollment:  two full-time employees  
  • 16 different PPO plan designs featuring integrated medical and Rx* 
  • FREElab (LabCorp), FREE telemedicine, FREE diabetic supplies 
  • Reduce your deductible with participation in an integrated health incentive program 
  • Level-funded platform: The benefits of self-funded plans, the safety of fully insured plans 

But you can’t know or appreciate how much you can save if you don’t request a no-obligation quote! It literally costs you nothing to see how much you could be saving!   

AAFD Lifestyle Health Plans were first introduced at the 2018 AAFD Franchise Leadership Summit and it was received with great excitement. Most of our chapter leaders were convinced that a great health care program would be the missing link to drive member recruitment. Indeed, members who have requested quotes have seen very significant savings. But the number of quote requests are well below our expectations, and our ability to sustain these benefits is dependent on achieving our anticipated volume of participation.  

If you are looking to reduce your health care costs, and to cover your AAFD membership costs, we urge you to request a quote 

Beginning on January 1, 2020, the Obamacare individual mandate will expire. This means individuals will no longer be financially penalized for not purchasing health insurance, and our insurance advisors are expecting to see double-digit rate increases to accommodate an anticipated increase in the percentage enrollment of unhealthy individuals who cannot purchase health insurance elsewhere.  

The AAFD is urging our members and our chapters to get behind and take advantage of the AAFD Health Benefits Program. If you want this great benefit to remain intact; if you want to truly lower the cost of employer-sponsored health benefits, I urge you to act!  It has never been a better time to act than now.  

Best regards, 



Robert L. Purvin, Jr,
Chair, Board of Trustees