We are delighted to share with you the video recording of our recently held 2021 Total Quality Franchising Awards Ceremony.

The TQF Awards allows us to showcase and celebrate outstanding service to the franchising community as well as the franchisees, associations, and suppliers who are leading the charge in the fight for fair franchising.

Important Video key frame below:

Welcome / Intro
Thank You to our Sponsors 01:27
Thank You to our Program Chairs 13:12
Thank You to our Leadership Council Chairs 15:54
Thank You to our Speakers and Presenters 16:00
Total Quality Franchising Awards 19:00
Trailblazer Awards 21:00
Team Member of the Year 25:26
Chairman’s Awards 33:12
Rookie Chapter of the Year 47:26
Chapter of the Year 52:10
Lifetime Achievement 55:38
Supporting Member of the Year 1:00:06
Franchisee Member of the Year 1:07:24
Franchisor of the Year 1:11:34
Legacy Award 1:18:10
Closing Remarks 1:26:37