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AAFD Member Discount being offered by Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Las Vegas – April 3-6

AAFD Member Discount being offered by Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Las Vegas – April 3-6

Several AAFD members have recently contacted the AAFD about the upcoming 2018 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference, April 3-6 in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace Resort. ​​​​​​​We are pleased to advise that Franchise Update Media is extending a $100 AAFD Member discount to attend the MUFC. AAFD Franchisee Members use PROMO Code AAFDZEE2018 when registering to attend. AAFD Supplier Members are also offered a discount and should use PROMO Code AAFDSUP2018 when registering. Register for MUFC Conference Note: we negotiated these discounts just recently, and we regret that if you have already registered we cannot offer any refunds. The goal for the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference is to provide rich content geared toward multi-unit franchisees. We want you to be able to take home boatloads of information and instantly apply your most valuable takeaways to your business model. Our powerful agenda is set to inspire, push and inform various industry leaders. Our panels and selected speakers are crafted especially for you, a multi-unit franchisee. This exclusive event is the only event of its kind that focuses on bringing you the most important and relevant concerns in today’s multi-unit franchising arena. For years, the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference has offered a variety of exclusive meet and mingle events for franchisee attendees. The 2018 conference will host a First-Time Franchisee Attendee Meet & Greet as well as a cocktail party with our conference advisory board. You will also be able to network with your peers at the franchisee luncheon, another event exclusively for franchisees. If you are looking to dive right in and get to know others in the industry, this is a must-attend event for you. Capitalize on the moment and gain insight for the future. The AAFD appreciates the opportunity to offer our members a reduced cost for this important annual...

Join an AAFD Action Task Force to Make a Real Difference in Franchising!

Join an AAFD Action Task Force to Make a Real Difference in Franchising!

At the AAFD’s 25th Anniversary Franchisee Leadership Summit last May, the AAFD Leadership Council created Six Task Forces focused on what AAFD Members consider to be the primary challenges/opportunities facing franchise owners.

Join The AAFD For A Franchisee Leadership Council Conference Call

The AAFD recently announced its 2018 Franchisee Leadership Summit and Conference, which will take place Oct. 21 – 24 at the Chase Park Plaza in St. Louis, Missouri. In order to prepare for that event, we invite all Chapter Leaders to attend a Franchisee Leadership Council conference call. (All AAFD Members are also welcome to join the Conference Call) ​​​​​​​

SAVE THE DATE – AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit Dates Announced for 2018

SAVE THE DATE – AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit Dates Announced for 2018


Last year’s AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit and Annual Conference was a rousing success. Franchisee association leaders gathered from all over the country to learn, network, and forge a coalition to support Total Quality Franchising initiatives. We achieved a lot in 2017, but the fight for fair franchising is far from over!

We Need Your Help to Write an Important Article Advocating on Behalf of Franchisees

Andrew Malzahn, Caroline Fichter, and Adam Matheson, three ‘franchisee’ lawyers, are writing an article advocating on behalf of franchisees in response to a ‘pro-franchisor’ article recently published in the Franchise Law Journal (which is published by the American Bar Association Forum on Franchising). Malzahn, Fichter, and Matheson are asking franchisees like you to take a short, five-minute survey so that the authors can gain a clearer picture of the franchise sales process and franchise relationships. 

Collaborative Franchising in Action – Griswold Home Care Invites Its Franchisee Association to 2017 Conference

Griswold Home Care, a company that provides non-medical at-home care services, continues to be a model of the AAFD’s Total Quality Franchising ethos. In September, the company held its Griswold 2017 Conference, and, for the second year in a row, invited its franchisee association to participate.

The AAFD Welcomes Two New Franchisee Chapters

The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) announced the formation of two new franchise associations as chapters of the AAFD. Both chapters will leverage the combined voices of all its members to establish an environment of collaboration between franchisees and franchisors. The two new chapters are the Engineering for Kids Franchisee Association (EFKFA) and the Independent Which Wich Franchisee Association (IWWFA).

Thinking of Buying a Franchise? Take Some Advice from a Past Franchisee!

In a new article for the Houston Business Journal, past franchisee Tarek Hassan offers useful advice for anyone considering purchasing a franchise. These no-nonsense tips include things like:

• Make sure you have enough saved to cover your living expenses for at least 18 months as you build your franchise.
• Carefully review your Franchise Disclosure Form.
• Contact current franchisees and ask them as many questions as possible.

Hotel Engine

Supporting Member Spotlight: Save on Hotel Booking Discounts from Hotel Engine

We are excited to announce that AAFD has secured an amazing hotel offering for its members.  You now have access to exclusive negotiated rates at thousands of hotels worldwide through Hotel Engine.

Rebu – Crowd Sourced Franchise Reviews

The AAFD is proud to endorse and sponsor Rebu (pronounced Ree-boo), a newly launched venture that is positioning itself as the “Yelp!” of the franchising industry. Through Rebu, franchisees can post detailed and anonymous crowd sourced reviews of their franchisor.

We encourage all of our members and subscribers to visit Rebu and to post a review of their franchise.