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A Franchisee Association Case Study You Must Read!

Posted on Date: Jul 16, 2018


The AAFD is proud to present an inspiring case study of a franchisee association that used determination, patience, and a commitment to collaborative franchising to completely turn around its relationship with its franchisor!

A Franchisor That Wouldn’t Listen

When franchisees of Griswold Home Care formed a franchisee association through the AAFD, the GHCFA, they faced numerous challenges:

  • The family that owned their franchise for over 25 years had sold the business to a private equity firm
  • The new owners were more interested in driving up revenue than focusing on the brand’s strong reputation for excellent service
  • The new leadership refused to engage with the association

Instead of fighting fire with fire, the leadership of the GHCFA committed to following the AAFD’s model of collaborative franchising. After several years and another change in the franchisor’s leadership, the GHCFA was able to establish a strong relationship with their franchisor built on mutual respect.

In fact, the leaders of the GHCFA were able to participate in the complete overhaul of their franchise agreement, and the resulting document scored 97% conformity with the criteria set forth in the AAFD’s Fair Franchising Standards.

Learn How They Did It!

We are proud to present an exclusive case study documenting GHCFA’s efforts, and how their collaborative approach eventually helped them win a seat at the table with their new leadership. The AAFD played an important role in helping the GHCFA form and advising their negotiation efforts with their franchisor.
The GHCFA story illustrates how the AAFD’s franchisee association model is supposed to work, including why the establishment of a legal fund is so crucial.
Please share this case study with other members of your association and fellow franchisees.