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The AAFD Celebrates Great Franchising at Its Total Quality Franchise Awards

Posted on Date: May 12, 2017

The AAFD Celebrates Great Franchising at Its Total Quality Franchise Awards


On Tuesday, May 2nd, we put on our tuxes and dresses, and the AAFD rolled out the red carpet to celebrate significant achievement in the quest for great franchising at its Total Quality Franchising Awards Gala. The celebration recognized Griswold Home Care as the AAFD’s Franchisor of the Year, attorney Michael Garner for Lifetime Achievement among many other industry and association leaders.  Attendees were surprised and entertained by an AAFD team cast (that included AAFD Chairman, Bob Purvin’s ‘Beatles’ impersonation) in presenting some endearing song and dance numbers. Then it was time to celebrate the AAFD’s Total Quality Franchising Awards in a beautifully set ballroom at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort and Spa.

(If you couldn’t attend the ceremony, make sure to check out all the great pictures of the award recipients and the entertaining musical numbers at the end of this post)

Below is a list of all our award recipients:

Lifetime Achievement Award – W. Michael Garner, Garner & Ginsburg, P.A.

Michael Garner’s accomplishments and contributions to the franchise community and to the franchise law bar are abundant and exemplify the concept of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Said Bob Purvin, “His prolific contribution to the analysis of franchise law has both mirrored and amplified his impressive successes in championing the challenges of his clients.”

Franchisor of the Year Award – Griswold Home Care

Griswold Home Care actually received two very big honors this night. Not only did the in-home care services company snag the Franchisor of the Year Award for its pursuit of collaborative franchising with its franchisee association, but it also received the AAFD Fair Franchising Seal.

Chairman’s Award – Keith Miller, Coalition of Franchisee Associations

As the current chairman of the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA), Keith has championed legislative protections for franchisees across the country. He works tirelessly to advocate fair franchising standards to local, state, and national legislators and was also active in the formation of the North American Association of Subway Franchisees (NAASF).

Chairman’s Award – Ron Gardner, Dady & Gardner, P.A.

As a managing partner at Dady & Gardner, P.A., Ron Gardner specializes in representing franchisees, dealers, and distributors when they are in disputes with their franchisors, manufacturers, and suppliers. Over his long and distinguished legal career, Gardner has represented franchisees in dozens of industries as well as more than 25 franchisee associations.

Supporting Member of the Year – Claudia Bolognesi, Inventiva Design

Through her outstanding graphic and web design company, Inventiva Design, Claudia has gone above and beyond to promote the AAFD, deliver our first class website, manage the AAFD’s growing online media presence, and provide outstanding support to AAFD chapters.

Franchisee Member of the Year – Meg Marin

Meg has been a major influence in promoting a win-win relationship with Griswold Home Care International. She was a founding ‘parent’ and driving force in the organization and success of the Griswold Home Care Franchisee Association, recruiting great leadership and tirelessly growing GHCFA membership.

Chapter of the Year – Griswold Home Care Franchisee Association

GHCFA has set a high bar for organization, effectiveness, and success. Rich in founding vision, Meg Mairn, Arthur Moseley, Stephan Rymal, and Brad Culp have led an impressive and dedicated board of leadership that have emulated the AAFD vision of Total Quality Franchising and earned recognition and respect from their franchisor.

Rookie Chapter of the Year – IABF

The IABF is an Independent Association of BNI Franchisees that was formed in February of 2016. Within its first year, the IABF drafted and approved by-laws, formed a legal trust, and elected officers, including the organization’s president, David Alexander, and vice president, Reed Morgan. The IABF continues to recruit heavily and pursue an agenda of collaborative franchising with BNI.

Team Member of the Year

In a surprise announcement, Bob declared a five-way tie for the AAFD Member of the Year recognition. Each member of the 2016 AAFD team will receive a bonus for all of their hard work in supporting the conference and the efforts of the Association. Team members are:

  • Zoe Chapin, Director of Member Support and Chapter Coordinator
  • Amy Mancuso, National Director of Member Development and Coordinator of the Franchisee LegaLineSM
  • Terri St. Jacques, Chapter Coordinator of the AAFD
  • Claudia Bolognesi, AAFD Online Marketing and Webmaster
  • Jessica Bennett, AAFD Franchisee Voice Blog Editor

Trailblazer Award Recipients

  • Mark Carpenter, Home Services Franchise Owners Association
  • Rick Kagen, Independent Association of Mosquito Joe’s Franchisees
  • Renato Maiorana, Griswold Home Care Franchisee Association
  • Paul Wichman, Brightstar Independent Franchisee Association
  • Jerry Winkley, SMFOA
  • IABF Steering Committee

We’d like to extend our congratulations to all the award recipients and the wonderful nominees. We’d also like to thank everyone who attended the ceremony and helped us to celebrate our 25 years of pursuing Total Quality Franchising. Here’s to 25 more years!

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