The AAFD has made it easier than ever to access the AAFD’s acclaimed Fair Franchising Standards. Simply visit the Fair Franchising Standards page on our AAFD’s Website, and choose to order from, or simply download a PDF version directly from the AAFD for Free! The AAFD Standards are also available from Amazon in either paperback or Kindle format. 

2012 Edition. The Kindle edition of the AAFD’s industry acclaimed Fair Franchising Standards. This important work is a blueprint to fair and balanced franchise agreements and relationships. Now franchise buyers have objective criteria by which to judge a franchise opportunity. Consistent with the AAFD’s marketplace solutions to the problems facing the franchising community, the AAFD’s Fair Franchising Standards serve as the basis for accrediting forward thinking franchisors who recognize that endorsement of their franchising practices by the AAFD can pay enormous dividends in the franchising marketplace. The mission of the FAIR FRANCHISING STANDARDS Committee of the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers is to develop standards relating to various business and legal aspects of the franchisor/franchisee relationship so that a more equitable franchise agreement becomes the standard for the franchise community which reflects and balances the legitimate business interests of the franchisor and the legitimate business interests of its franchisees. The Fair Franchising Standards Committee was empowered by resolution of the AAFD’s Trade Association Council to draft Fair Franchising Standards which will provide the basis for objective accreditation of franchising companies. The AAFD Fair Franchising Committee includes franchisors, franchisees and prominent attorneys who specialize in franchise law, all who share the conviction that the franchise community needs a viable and balanced code of standards to define fair franchising practices. The Committee has ultimately included more than 40 members, fairly balanced between franchisor and franchisee perspectives.