The American Association of Franchisees announces honorees and nominees of its 2019 Total Quality Franchising Awards   

AUG, 2019: SAN DIEGO, CA—The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) has announced its Total Quality Franchising (TQF) Awards for 2019. Notable honorees include Craig Tregillus who will receive the AAFD Lifetime Achievement Award. The NASAA Franchise Project Group will be honored with the Chairman’s Award for Distinguished Achievement for the Franchising Community. The AAFD also announced nominees for its community awards. 

Craig Tregillus served at the US Federal Trade Commission for 40 years helping implement and enforce the original FTC Franchise Rule first adopted in 1979. For the last 10 years prior to his retirement Tregillus served as the FTC’s primary steward of franchisor disclosure oversight and fair franchising practices. 

“Craig has been a compassionate public servant for four decades,” said Robert Purvin, Chairman of the AAFD. “He’s done his level best to assure that franchisees received full and accurate disclosure of the franchise opportunities marketed in the U.S.”  

The Franchise Project Group of the North American Securities Administrators Association, chaired by Dale Cantone, will be recognized for its comprehensive, two-year project to overhaul financial representation requirements at the state level, with an impact on the FTC overview. NASAA is an organization that oversees securities, franchising legislation, and regulations at the state level in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

“We appreciate this recognition of our continuing work to strengthen protections for investors and prospective franchisees through enhanced disclosures,” said Dale Cantone.  

Coming soon will be the announcement of the AAFD’s Total Quality Franchising Franchisor of the Year recognition. Stay tuned. 

In addition to the Lifetime Achievement Award and Chairman’s Award, the AAFD also announced nominees for awards in a variety of community categories. These awards are meant to recognize the AAFD’s leading members and chapters. 

In announcing the TQF Award nominees, AAFD Chairman Robert Purvin said, “We have a truly talented crop of nominees this year. Each nominated individual and organization has impressed us with their work ethic and their commitment to making their franchisee association stronger and better.”  

The award recipients will be revealed during a ceremony on Monday, September 16th at the Sheraton Mesa at Wrigglyville West in Mesa, Arizona.  

The AAFD 2019 Total Quality Franchising Award nominees are: 

Franchisee Member of the Year: 

  • Carmine Mazzarella, PIFA (Pearle Vision Franchisees Chapter)  
  • April Porter, IA9RF (9Round Fitness Franchisees Chapter)  
  • Stephen Rymal, GHCFA (Griswold Home Care Franchisees Chapter)  
  • Rudy Bazelmans & JD Heiden, ERA-FOA (Expense Reduction Analysts Franchisees Chapter)  
  • Nancy Giacomuzzi, IABF (BNI Franchisees Chapter)  

Supporting Member of the Year Award: 

  • SecrtSos, April Porter, President,   
  • Best Postcards, Andrew Ettinger, CEO  
  • Inventiva Design, Claudia Bolognesi, Founder & CEO  
  • Medova Lifestyle Health Plans, Dan Whitney, President  

AAFD Chapter of the Year Award: 

  • 9Round Fitness Franchisees Chapter (IA9RF)  
  • Pearle Vision Franchisees Chapter (PIFA)  
  • Griswold Home Care Franchisees Chapter (GHCFA)  
  • Pinots Palette Franchisees Chapter (PFA)  
  • BNI Franchisees Chapter (IABF)  

Rookie Chapter of the Year Award: 

  • Tutor Doctor Franchisees Chapter (IATDF)   
  • Blackjack Pizza Franchisees Chapter (IABPF)  
  • Delivery Dudes Franchisees Chapter (IADDF)  
  • Barre3 Franchisees Chapter (IAB3F)  

AAFD Trailblazer Awards: 

  • Angela Ferber, IA9RF (9Round Fitness Franchisees Chapter)  
  • IATDF Board of Directors (Tutor Doctor Franchisees Chapter)  
  • Carmine Mazzarella, PIFA (Pearle Vision Franchisees Chapter)  
  • Mark Carmody, IABF (BNI Franchisees Chapter)  
  • April Porter, IA9RF (9Round Fitness Franchisees Chapter)  
  • Marne Whitney, IAB3F (Barre 3 Franchisees Chapter)  
  • Steve Goodwin, IAITF (iTrip Franchisees Chapter)  

The Total Quality Franchising Awards gala and banquet is the capstone of the AAFD’s Franchisee Leadership Summit and Annual Meeting. The four-day event, taking place from September 15th – 18th is slated to bring together franchisee association leaders. It promises to offer attendees great networking, education, and comradery opportunities as well as a chance to redefine what it means to pursue Total Quality Franchising in the modern era. To learn more about the leadership summit and conference, visit