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The AAFD Introduces Short Term Medical Coverage for Its Members

Posted on Date: Apr 2, 2018


Losing your health insurance can be scary, especially if you are on an individual Affordable Care Act plan and must wait until the next open enrollment period to find a new policy. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping you won’t face any serious illnesses or injuries in the meantime, you might want to consider a short term medical insurance policy. At the AAFD, we have just partnered with SimplHealth to offer all of our members short term medical coverage as part of the AAFD Health Benefits suite of health care options.

What Is Short Term Medical Coverage?

In many ways, short term medical coverage works just like a typical health insurance plan. The main difference is that the plan is temporary. When you look at the Short Term Medical Plans, you’ll see that they have many of the same features of a health insurance policy, like co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance.

Who Needs Short Term Medical Coverage?

If you don’t currently have health insurance or will be losing your coverage soon, then you are a candidate for short term medical coverage. This is a good option if you have just transitioned out of a corporate job in order to start your own franchise. We all know that COBRA can be extremely expensive. This is also a good option if, as we mentioned, you need insurance to tide you over until the next enrollment period for the ACA opens up. Maybe you have a spouse who will be receiving health coverage through work after a three month waiting period. Short term medical coverage can give you a health safety net until that coverage kicks in.

The Benefits of Short Term Medical Coverage

The short term health plans offered through the AAFD Health Benefits Program provide you with lots of choice so that you can control your costs and your level of coverage. There are four different plan options:

  • Economy
  • Choice
  • Standard
  • Deluxe

Each plan gives you the option to choose deductibles from $1,000 to $10,000, co-insurance of 70% or 80%, and a maximum benefit of $100,000 to $1,000,000. The Standard and Deluxe plans also offer a $30 copay for primary doctor visits and prescription drug coverage after a deductible.

A few other notable benefits of the plans include:

  • The freedom to use any doctor or facility
  • Savings on vision exams and eye care costs
  • Savings on prescription drugs
  • $49 doctor telehealth consultations

How Long Does the Policy Last?

Most short term medical plan coverage periods only last from 30 to 90 days. These health plans are unique in that they allow customers to purchase back-to-back coverage for up to four 90-day periods. When you renew, you’ll get the exact same plan with no changes in premiums and will not need any new underwriting. Essentially, you can stay on your short term plan for nearly one year, which should give you plenty of time to transition to a traditional health insurance policy. (Or, if you don’t have access to health insurance options or can’t afford a policy through the Exchange, you can consider Limited Medical Benefit Plans, also offered through the AAFD.)

How Do I Sign Up?

These short-term health plans are only offered in a limited number of states (though they are expanding to new states all the time).

CLICK HERE learn about each of the plans, see if your state is included, and to apply online. You’ll be asked to fill out a short application and will know if you’ve qualified for your plan immediately after submitting the questionnaire.

Have questions? Fill out our contact form, and we’ll respond soon.

Who is SimplHealth?

SimplHealth was founded on one simple premise: Everyone deserves a health plan that actually covers a portion of the cost of medical care… No coinsurance; No deductibles. What’s the value of health care if access to care is unaffordable?

For the past eight years — through two administrations, numerous proposals, countless hours of debates and hundreds of votes — health care reform legislation is at a standstill and continues to be a near-constant source of concern and confusion for many Americans.

SimplHealth, in partnership with Pivot Health, is setting out to reverse this by offering you a choice of straightforward options designed to provide first-dollar coverage that can be used alone or in combination with a high-deductible health insurance plan to minimize your share of the cost of care.