Every franchise owner needs office supplies, from simple things like pens and paperclips to bigger purchases of software, new computers, and even desks and office chairs. Since you already have to put in an order for more printing paper every month, why not save some money while you’re at it?

As part of your AAFD Membership, you can take advantage of an exclusive savings plan we have with Office Depot® and OfficeMax.

At the AAFD, we’ve worked hard to make special deals with the retailors and suppliers our franchise owners use most. As an AAFD Member, you automatically have access to these great benefits – you just have to take advantage of them!

One of our best benefits is our Office Depot and OfficeMax savings plan. Through this plan, you can purchase the office items you already need at a permanent discount. Office Depot and OfficeMax offer over 3,000 products at discounts of 15% or more! You can also get super deals of up to 80% off on select items, including copy paper, printer ink, and toner. This is stuff every business needs all the time!

Other benefits include:

  • Copy and print deals of just 2.5c on black/white and 22c on color
  • Monthly special deals that come right to your email inbox
  • Extra coupons to save even more
  • Free next-day delivery on orders over $50
How to Start Saving
It’s easy to access your Office Depot and OfficeMax savings plan through the AAFD:
  • Step One: Go to www.AAFD.org and click the “Member Login” link in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Step Two: Input your username and passcode. (You should have received this info when you became and AAFD member.) Don’t remember your username or password? Contact the AAFD to request it.
  • Step Three: You should now be on your AAFD Member page. On the right of the page, you should see a box with a short list of links. Click “My AAFD Member Benefits Page”
  • Step Four: Scroll down the benefits page until you reach the Office Depot card. Click.
  • Step Five: You are now at the Office Depot and OfficeMax benefit page. From this portal, you can begin shopping online, view new coupons or print out our Office Depot discount card, which you can take into any brick-and-mortar store.
Give it a try today and start saving on all of your necessary office supplies! At the AAFD, we want to help your franchise thrive.

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