OCT 1, 2019: SAN DIEGO, CA – The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) has announced the engagement of Franchisee Advocacy Consulting (FAC) to provide political consultancy services to the AAFD. Importantly, FAC’s Principal, Keith Miller, has accepted the role as the AAFD’s Director of Public Affairs and Engagement. 

Miller, and his company, is the preeminent voice for political action in support of franchisee rights at both the Federal and state level. Keith has been an active leader and voice for franchisee causes over the past twenty plus years, with a growing track record of bringing franchisee friendly legislation introduced and adopted throughout the U.S. 

In making the announcement, AAFD Chairman, Robert Purvin signaled a new direction for the Association. “With Keith Miller as our guide, the AAFD embarks on a new era of legislative advocacy led by the country’s most influential and effective political operative. We are most excited to welcome Keith to the AAFD leadership team and look to add the AAFD’s voice and support to the causes and issues that already have Keith’s focus.” 

Said Miller, “I greatly appreciate this opportunity to work with the AAFD in bringing more focus and engagement to the legislative and political process. I truly believe in the power of franchisees to engage in issues that positively impact them, and of course, working to build and protect the equity in their businesses.” 

Twenty-five years ago the AAFD saw legislation as a long term goal, and focused its resources to building strong franchisee associations with negotiating leverage. “That long term goal is now upon us, and the time is ripe to seek laws that protect franchisee interests and equity,” said Purvin. 

Miller has an impressive resume of distinguished service and political influence and success. Keith is a multi-unit Subway franchisee from Northern, CA, who has long sought to protect franchisee rights. He is a founder of the North American Association of Subway Franchisees and served as the NAASF’s first Chairman. Keith has served on the Board of Directors of the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) for the past ten years, serving six years as CFA’s Chairman.  . 

Said Purvin, “Best of all, Keith seems to have engineered a 36-hour day, and has managed to eliminate time zones, as he seems to be always on the move, engaged and available. AAFD members can expect to be well served.”  

The AAFD seeks to improve the franchising climate by providing resources to franchise associations, franchisees, franchise owners and prospective Franchise Buyers.