The AAFD Franchisee Leadership Council has identified “Protecting and enhancing franchisee rights regarding approved suppliers to deliver the benefits of group purchasing” as a major goal of the association and our chapters.
To advance this goal, and in our ongoing effort to increase the value of your AAFD membership, we have designed this AAFD Supplier Rights/Member Benefits Survey to help us:
  • identify your purchasing needs;
  • your satisfaction with your current supplier mandates;
  • and to help the AAFD identify and provide competitive alternatives as member benefits for our members and affiliated chapters.

The ultimate goal is to deliver the promise of co-operative purchasing!

We urge all subscribers to invest 10-15 minutes to take the AAFD Supplier Rights/Member Benefits Survey! We appreciate the time you invest in this survey to advance our effort to improve our members’ bottom line!

All respondents who complete the full survey and provide an email address will be entered into a drawing to win one of three $100 Amazon gift cards!
The drawing date will be announced soon so don’t wait.