AAFD’s April 17 Members Town Hall focuses on the renewed and growing legislative interest in franchisee rights and concerns.  

Spurred largely by the significant efforts and leadership of Keith Miller, the AAFD’s Director of Public Affairs and Engagement, and principal of Franchisee Advocacy Consulting, franchisee concerns have gained growing attention at both the Federal and state level. Miller will be leading this week’s AAFD Town Hall which will focus on initiatives on several fronts to provide greater protections for franchise owners throughout the US.  

In addition to efforts to support franchisees during the Coronavirus pandemic, Miller has been engaged in promoting franchisee protective legislation in many jurisdictions, as well as influencing franchisee protections in SBA programs, and protecting franchisee equity with respect to franchisor overreaching. 

Joining Miller this week, we welcome a special guest, U.S. Senator from Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto, who has franchisee interests on her radar, and is fast becoming the legislative champion for franchisees. This week’s Town Hall offers a singular opportunity for AAFD members to communicate directly to the US Senate, the important issues facing franchise owners to protect their rights of business ownership. 

The AAFD Town Hall series was born as an effort to help AAFD members to navigate through the worldwide pandemic. For the next several weeks the AAFD is hosting its Town Hall Webinar Series on Friday afternoons at 4 PM Eastern Time (1 PM Pacific). Click here to register. Act soon as we are limited to 250 attendees on each call.