The AAFD is delighted to announce and welcome PayHub Payments as our newest Branded Partner to offer and power AAFD Payment Processing. We are pleased to advise that a long standing AAFD Member Benefit is new and improved! More than just a payment processor, PayHub Payments is an additional resource for your business.  

As many members are aware, at the beginning of 2020 the AAFD sought bidders for the AAFD Payment Processing benefit. Working through more than a dozen candidates, PayHub Payments emerged as our top bidder offering the best value for AAFD members and chapters! 

Who is PayHub Payments? A family-owned company who has spent the last decade creating a payment processing business that helps businesses increase their bottom line by not only reducing the cost of accepting credit cards, but by also giving businesses customized solutions that streamline their processes related to payments and the entire transaction strategy.    

We encourage all AAFD members to compare their current payment processing fees with AAFD payment processing from our research, we are confident will see significant savings over their current processing costs.  

PayHub Payments is dedicated to providing fast funding, cost-effective processing and solution focused service. In addition, AAFD Payment Processing from PayHub Payments offers special discounts that have been exclusively negotiated for AAFD members.  

As a special introductory incentive, PayHub Payments will make a charitable contribution to an organization of your choice in our member’s names for all AAFD Members who provide them a monthly statement for the opportunity to provide a cost savings analysis. It’s a total win-win!  

Here’s what you can expect from AAFD Payment Processing from PayHub Payments:

    • Reduced rates on call card types
    • Next-day funding on all card types
    • Chargeback + PCI Compliance support
    • Lifetime rate guarantee: they’ll never increase rates

Use your savings to reinvest into your business! To learn more, contact Andy Willauer at (860) 255-8202, or email him directly at andy@payhubpayments.comDon’t wait – call today!

Robert L. Purvin, Jr.                     
Chair and CEO