AAFD Supported Chapters Tops 50; With a 35% Annual Growth

SAN DIEGO, JANUARY 14, 2022 – The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) announced today the formation of four new independent franchisee associations, organized as chapters of the AAFD in the fourth quarter of 2021. Each chapter intends to leverage the combined voices of all its members to address common concerns and to establish an environment of collaboration between franchisees and franchisors. The four new chapters represent franchisees from: Redbox+, Caring Transitions, United BNI Master Franchisees and Woops! French Macarons & Gift Giving.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome these four new chapters under the AAFD’s tent of Total Quality Franchising,” said Robert Purvin, Chairman of the AAFD. “Additionally, we saw growth with some of our established chapters who realize the value of associations for common good and dedication to the vision and Mission to Promote Total Quality Franchising.

Redbox+ is one of the leading waste management companies in the franchise industry.  They are a dumpster roll-off rental company with portable toilets for any job site. Started in 2006, Redbox+ can be found in over 70 locations within the United States.

Caring Transitions is a solutions-based company for older adults when it’s time to downsize or help a family member relocate or move to a smaller facility. Headquartered in New Jersey, Caring Transitions serves over 100 locations throughout the United States.

United BNI Master Franchisees (UBMFIA) joined the AAFD in October 2021 and is a sister chapter to the IABF, the AAFD chapter for US domestic BNI franchisees representing more than 30 countries.

Woops! French Macarons & Gift Giving got its start in 2012 from a pop-up kiosk in Bryant Park, NY. Woops! has 50 locations throughout the United States.

The founding members of all four groups are committed to a positive dialogue aimed at effective solutions that will allow their respective brands and individual business to grow and prosper.

“AAFD chapters represent thousands of franchised businesses across the country and the world from well-known brands. With the help of the AAFD, I believe these chapters will be able to create real and meaningful change within their franchise system to establish a more collaborative and fair culture,” said Purvin.


Lucila Garcia, lucilagarcia@rational360.com

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