Checking All Members’ Boxes

Just in time for open enrollment!

The AAFD is very excited to announce new, updated and improved health insurance plans through the AAFD Health Benefits suite! These new plans are designed for small business owners and very specifically address the needs and requests of AAFD members. The new AAFD Health Benefits Suite of health insurance products are being offered by S&S Health. These new plans include key features and benefits requested by our members, but never before available through AAFD health insurance offerings.

  • Guarantee-issue: You and your employees can get coverage with no health questions or group ratings!
  • No Health Questions: simple applications with no health questions!
  • No minimum employer contribution! – plan sponsors can choose level of premium contribution or offer no contribution at all!
  • Guaranteed Pricing: rates quoted are the rates you pay.
  • No deductible
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant
  • Same rates in all 50 states (New York State law requires group of 100 employees)

AAFD Chairman, Robert Purvin, expressed his excitement regarding the new and improved Health Benefits offerings. “I call this AAFD Health Benefits 2.0, because it takes our world class health care programs to an entirely new level. In our continuing effort to bring affordable health care options to AAFD members, our new programs check all of the boxes our members have been seeking.” Purvin added, “I urge every AAFD member to compare AAFD Health Benefits to your current coverage and costs—we believe you will be impressed. And if you don’t currently have health coverage, this program will fit any budget!”

“After years of working with franchise associations and small businesses providing health insurance benefit programs, we are elated to offer these new plans from S&S Health, which will eliminate most or all of the obstacles AAFD members have faced in providing quality health insurance plans for themselves and their employees,” said Steven Chapkin, AAFD’s Director of Health Benefits. Chapkin also stated that “Being able to offer AAFD members a selection of competitively priced guaranteed issue plans is an incredible benefit for the AAFD!”

And don’t forget the other great offerings in the AAFD Health Benefits Suite – Limited Benefit Plans, World Class telemedicine from Convenient Care Plus for as little as $15 per month per covered employee, Health Savings Accounts from Health Equity, and our ‘Best in Class’ AAFD WellCard offering discounts for almost every health care related service – not just discounted prescriptions!

For more information, please visit or contact Steven Chapkin, AAFD Director of Health Benefits at