AAFD Accredited Contract Recipients

In 2007, the AAFD established an interim form of accreditation for young franchise companies or companies that can not yet qualify for the AAFD Fair Franchising Seal.

Any company that engages in franchising may receive AAFD Accredited Contract status for its franchise agreement upon a finding by the Association’s Committee on Standards and Accreditation that it’s currently offered franchise agreement substantially conforms with to the AAFD Fair Franchising Standards and further agrees to meet all requirements to earn the AAFD Fair Franchising Seal as soon as reasonably practical, and not later than its third anniversary of receiving Accredited Contract Status from the AAFD.

An AAFD accredited contract recipient has up to three years from the date of accreditation to comply with the requirements necessary to earn the AAFD Fair Franchising Seal, which must include ratification by the system’s independent franchisee association and its franchisees.

The fact that the franchisor’s contract is accredited by the AAFD is no guarantee that any franchisee will be successful in the operation of his or her business.