The AAFD is proud to link to a very recent program that was broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation



(the equivalent to NPR in the US) on Sunday, October 20, 2013, about franchising in Australia. The program which was titled, “Franchising – a licence to print money?” was a critical examination of franchising practices in Australia and a comparison to practices in the United States. AAFD Chair, Robert Purvin, was privileged to be a guest on the program. Mr. Purvin focused on the history and evolution of franchising in the United States, and he details the development of the franchise model and the franchisor/franchisee relationship, and he stresses the importance of the franchise agreement in defining the franchise relationship. The program delves into serious issues faced by franchisees in Australia, many of which mirror concerns in the US. We are pleased to include a link for Franchisee Voice Subscribers to listen to this interesting and valuable program.


Listen to the interview now


The program may also be accessed through