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Gerry Edtl

Posted on Date: Apr 28, 2014



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Mr. Gerry Edtl is an expert in business profitability and direct sales and marketing. Gerry's experience has qualified him to coach business owners and their key staff in the elements of profit, and the stages of direct sales and marketing. In his 41 years of business experience he has analyzed and developed clear, actionable solutions to address the widespread confusion around profitability and direct sales and marketing. He has a unique way of making these two subjects simple to understand. His ability to work with a team has enabled him to successfully turn around every business he has worked in during his career.

Mr. Edtl is now retired from the international franchising business after serving 34 years. For nineteen years he worked as a franchise turnaround specialist. His unique ability to bring out the true and best in each team member has made him a highly sought after business development leader. He also worked fifteen years as a business consultant, international speaker, educator, and seminar presenter. During those fifteen years he developed multiple sales and marketing processes, and customer service programs that earned him the respect of business owners and their key managers.

Today, he is the Founder and President of Gerry Edtl Consulting, a corporation that serves business owners with proven Sales Leadership and Business Leadership Development. His company helps team leaders discover and realize their professional and personal potential as they build the team, improve the work, implement a plan, and enlarge capacity. Gerry is in business to help leaders; business owners, key managers and employees gain market share.

Gerry's hobby is volunteer umpiring for Little League Baseball and Softball. He was selected to umpire at the 2013 Little League World Series, Junior Softball (14 year old girls) in Kirkland, WA. During his 18 years as a Little League volunteer he has learned that baseball is like life. Sometimes the call goes your way and sometimes it does not. How you deal with it is what that matters.

Mr. Edtl has been married to his wife Lynn for 40 years. Lynn has worked in the business with Gerry for 20 years. She is also a speaker, corporate trainer, and marketing consultant. Lynn graduated from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN, with a major in Social Work, and two minors, Compassionate Ministries and Social Justice.  She has completed a Clinical Pastoral Education program at the Veterans Hospital in Nashville. Her dream is to open a non-profit Hospice for homeless veterans.

Mr. Gerry Edtl and Lynn are co-founders of Gerry Edtl Consulting. They are committed to helping each person and organization to grow and develop as authentic leaders in their communities.