For over 50 years, franchisors have continually tilted the playing field in their favor, successfully eroding franchisee rights and equity. In response, the collective voice of franchisees has been too small and too quiet.

That needs to change, and AAFD Members and subscribers can help us turn the tide!

The fact is that franchisees far outnumber franchisors. Our voice could be deafening if we chose to speak together and demand Total Quality Franchising. Franchisee associations are an excellent way to present a united front to individual franchisors, but how can we grow this concept on a national scale?

The AAFD’s yearly Franchisee Leadership Summit is a first-of-its-kind meeting designed to bring franchisee associations together to fight for franchisee rights. The purpose of the summit is to create a coalition of associations, develop an agenda to support Total Quality Franchising, and combine our collective voices so that the franchising industry will finally take notice.

The AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit is a chance for your association to network and to aggregate your influence with other associations around the country.

If you want to see real change happen in the franchise world; if you want to balance the playing field, it starts at the AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit.

Make sure your association takes its seat at the table!

What: the AAFD’s 2021 Franchisee Leadership Summit and Conference

When: June 23-25, 2021

Where: Sheraton Mesa Hotel at Wrigelyville West, Mesa, Arizona (Phoenix area)