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Have You Visited Your AAFD Member Page Recently?

Posted on Date: May 4, 2015

Have You Visited Your AAFD Member Page Recently?


When you become a member of the AAFD, whether as an Associate Member, a Franchise Chapter Member, or an Affiliate Member, you gain a lot of special benefits, including access to an exclusive area of our website. You should have received a username and password when you first became a member of our organization. If not, Contact Us, to request your username and password.

When you visit our home page, you’ll notice a small Login section in the upper right-hand corner. Put in your username and password, and you’ll be taken to your own special member’s page. Check out the right side of the page. You’ll see a list that includes a link to “My AAFD Member Benefits Account.” This is where the good stuff is. Click the link, and you’ll be taken to a long list of extra benefits you get just for being a member of the AAFD, including:

  • Office Depot Discount Card
  • Access to the AAFD Marketplace
  • AAFD Meeting Call - Free Conference Calling for members and chapters
  • Access to Benefit Hub – a national network of discounted products and services
  • Discounted Listings on BizBuySell
  • AAFD LegaLine Discounts
  • AAFD WellCard
  • AAFD Payment Processing
  • AAFD Payroll through ADP
  • AAFD Franchise Self Evaluation Tool
  • The AAFD Road Map to Selecting a Franchise

About the Office Depot Discount Card

One of our most popular benefits, the Office Depot Discount cards lets you enjoy discounts on every single purchase you make at Office Depot, ranging from 15% to even 30% off your purchases. You already have to buy office supplies like printing paper, folders, paperclips, new printers, and more. Why not save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year with this discount card?

About BenefitHub

BenefitHub is a special program that allows you to realize significant discounts on all sorts of things, from concert tickets, to office supplies, and even restaurants in your area. It is truly an incredible resource that you have to check out to really understand and appreciate.

About AAFD WellCard

This wellness card offers serious discounts on prescription drugs and a variety of health care professions, including doctors, dentists and vision care, and many more special discount programs. Healthcare can be incredibly expensive, especially for business owners who must finance their own insurance. This WellCard is a great supplement especially if your insurance doesn’t provide rock solid coverage on all of your medical needs.

About BizBuySell

BizBuySell is the largest online marketplace for buying and selling businesses. If you have been considering selling your franchise or buying a new one, now you can save when you create a BizBuySell listing through the AAFD. AAFD members are entitled to 20% off a sale-by-owner listing and a business valuation report, compared to direct pricing at, the Wall Street Journal, and Gannett publications.

View the full list of AAFD Membership Benefits and Discounts.

The point is that here at the AAFD, we want to help our members save money on the things they need for their business, have access to world-class service providers, and get useful information that can help them make an educated franchise decision.

All of these benefits come with your membership! So, please make sure to take advantage. Again, please contact us if you don’t have your username and password, and we will issue them to you swiftly.

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