To All California Franchisees:

Download the petition urging Governor Brown to approve CA Senate Bill 610 – a bill to protect franchisee equity in your franchised business.
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CA Senate Bill SB610, which is sponsored by the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers has now passed the state legislative branch is now on Governor Brown’s desk for approval. Franchisor advocates are bringing substantial pressure on the governor in a last ditch effort to defeat SB610. This is a critical time for California franchise owners to raise their voices in common cause to hold the line on oppressive franchise agreements, and to protect your ownership equity in your franchised business.

Please scan and email your signed petition to, or fax your signed petition to 866-855-1988, and we will deliver our petitions for you. This will take you only a few very important moments, but could be of significant value to the protection of your franchise equity.