At the AAFD’s 25th Anniversary Franchisee Leadership Summit last May, the AAFD Leadership Council created Six Task Forces focused on what AAFD Members consider to be the primary challenges/opportunities facing franchise owners. (See our Task Force List below.)

I am writing you to make a personal appeal. We need members and interested franchisee leaders to step up and participate in our task forces in order to create positive change for the benefit of franchise owners. (AAFD Franchisee LegaLine Attorneys and Suppliers are also most welcome!)

The AAFD is looking for our members to step up and make a difference to help protect and improve franchisee rights and interests. Please take a look at the task force descriptions below, and reply by volunteering for the task force(s) you will support!

I know this is a big ask, but I believe you can be an agent of positive change for all your fellow franchisees!

Interested in joining a task force?

If you have any questions about the task forces, please contact Terri St. Jacques. We also invite you to join our upcoming Franchisee Leadership Council conference call to learn more information.

Below is a list of each task force with a short description:

List of AAFD Taskforces 

The Franchisee Equity Task Force

This task force will define what it means for a franchisee to have “equity” in a franchise business, and to secure the rights of business ownership, including rights on termination of the franchise. The group will look at rights to sell, renew, and grow, as well as rights after termination.

The Franchisee Association Task Force/Franchisee Association Benefits Task Force

This task force will focus on two different but related areas. First, the group will determine how best to achieve recognition of a franchisee association from a franchisor. (Does this require a broad legislative push or a franchise-by-franchise contractual effort?) Secondly, the group will look at how franchisee associations can maintain relevance in order to retain and grow membership for the long-term.

Market and Territorial Protection Task Force

Territory rights and market protection are among the most crucial and complex issues that franchisees and franchisors face. The market protection clause in a franchise agreement can literally mean professional life or death to a franchisee. This task force will face difficult questions, such as what market protection rights should franchisees expect and how to fight for them when a franchisor’s interest is usually diametrically opposed to their own.

Marketing and Marketing Funds Task Force

One of the primary benefits of joining a franchise is supposed to be the power of shared marketing. All franchisees pay into the marketing fund, but are they all getting the promised, or even fair, benefit? This task force will discuss common marketing abuses and propose methods to create a more fair and transparent use of marketing funds.

Group Purchasing Task Force

Group purchasing is an area ripe for abuse by franchisors. (A comparison of Subway and Quiznos group purchasing tactics may offer an excellent case study.) This task force will shine the light on unethical franchisor behavior in this area and make recommendations on how franchisees can use the substantial power of group purchasing to their benefit.

Rights to Compete Task Force

The right to compete language in franchise agreements is often murky. What defines a competitive franchise, and who makes that decision? Is it fair to require a franchisee to abide by a post-term competition ban even if that franchisee fulfilled all the terms of his or her franchise contract? This task force will look at developing a fair resolution that will protect franchisors from unfair competition and franchisees from overly harsh restrictions.

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in joining a task force and are willing to work hard to make real change to our system! (This link will take you to a survey where you can choose your task force.)