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New Law Allows Lower Credit and Debit Card Processing Fees

Posted on Date: Feb 24, 2012


Recent legislation was passed that makes it possible for franchisees to reduce what they pay in card processing fees to Visa and MasterCard.

The Durbin Amendment was a last-minute addition to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that went into effect October 1, 20011. The Federal Reserve ruled that debit interchange fees to merchants were too high and would be capped at $.21 plus 0.05% per transaction.

This new legislation has the power to reduce the costs that franchisees pay to accept Visa and MasterCard debit cards by about 70%.

In order to take advantage of this new pricing, a merchant MUST be set up on a true “interchange plus” pricing structure. To find out how to qualify for the discounted rates please contact the AAFD’s endorsed merchant services provider, Payment Alliance International at 866-371-2273 opt 1 or email them at

Mention this article and receive a free savings analysis that will clearly outline your “Durbin Dollars” in writing.

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    Rebecca McGowen /

    Please send me information about this new law aadn Durbin dollars
    New Law Allows Lower Credit and Debit Card Processing Fees

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