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Rebu – Crowd Sourced Franchise Reviews

Posted on Date: Oct 23, 2017


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Introducing Rebu – a New Service that Lets You Rate Your Franchise

The AAFD is proud to endorse and sponsor Rebu (pronounced Ree-boo), a newly launched venture that is positioning itself as the “Yelp!” of the franchising industry. Through Rebu, franchisees can post detailed and anonymous crowd sourced reviews of their franchisor.

We encourage all of our members and subscribers to visit Rebu and to post a review of their franchise.

Giving Potential Franchisees the Information They Need

Purchasing a franchise is a huge decision. It is critical that potential franchisees understand the benefits and drawbacks of a franchise they are considering and hear from real-life owners. Now, potential franchisees can hop onto Rebu and get the inside scoop on a franchise system before they invest! The AAFD is pleased that Rebu has based its ratings system on the AAFD’s franchise evaluation tool, and references the AAFD’s Franchisees Bill of Rights.

How Rebu Can Help Franchisees

While Rebu promises to be a handy tool for potential franchise owners, it may also prove helpful to current franchisees as well. No franchisor wants a lot of negative reviews about them that potential new franchisees can easily find. That gives franchisees power.

By posting an honest and detailed review laying out your problems with your franchisor on Rebu, you may be able to compel your franchisor to address these issues in order to improve future ratings.

Rebu Needs Your Help!

Rebu can only succeed if franchise owners actually use it and create enough social capital to make franchisors care about their ratings.

Please visit the review site today and post your review! Tell your fellow franchisees about it, too. The more reviews you and your colleagues post, the more likely your franchisor is to take notice and address your concerns.

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