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Have you noticed how texting is becoming the new email? Business Texting Solutions provide an impactful and cost-effective tool for communicating with your prospects and customers whether for sales, service, or support, and can be fully integrated with your appointment systems and back-end systems. Textellent helps franchisees by providing a new, personalized communications channel that surpasses email effectiveness by 20X since we can add texting to your existing business line. 95% of text messages are read within 90 seconds, texts are trusted when they come from your business number. Textellent is a unique, powerful, brand-able, cloud-based service that works with your existing franchise systems to leverage the information you have about your customers. Make it easy for your customers to reach you and you learn how you can use texting to also get your customers to opt-in to receive your promotions, product news, and more. You can use Textellent via a browser or from the phone app making it easy to respond to your customers while on the go.

Texting helps franchisees:
– Acquire new customers with opt-in strategies
– Better service customers with one-to-one messaging, appointment reminders, and pre/post messages to improve results
– Request reviews and referral rates using texts
– Empower customers to self-book appointments via text and save staff time
– Shorten sales cycles and request payments
– Promote upcoming events, sales, and new items
– Correspond with customers via text and maintain conversation history

Serviced Area
United States
Member Offer
10% off with monthly subscription for the first year

Chapter Offer

– Every chapter is eligible for a free account to communicate with members

Member Offer (For AAFD chapter members for their businesses)

10% off with monthly subscription for the first year

• Free 2 week trial
• Free addition of text to your current business phone number
• Free assistance with syncing personal calendars if scheduling option is purchased
• Dedicated support for AAFD Members

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