The AAFD team members, led by AAFD Chairman, Robert Purvin, and AAFD’s Director of Public Affairs and Engagement, Keith Miller, as we bring members up to date on the AAFD’s efforts to navigate our collective survival through the Coronavirus worldwide pandemic.

Friday, April 10:  Navigating to Receive Federal Financial Relief Funding: As promised, this Friday we will focus on applying, navigating and receiving financial relief under the Federal CARES Act. 

Monday, April 13:  REPEAT PERFORMANCE: Report on AAFD Support Initiatives to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our recording failed from last Friday’s Town Hall, so we are offering a repeat performance for those who missed this important call. 

Friday, April 17:  Guest Speaker: U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto: Spurring Renewed Interest in Franchisee Rights and Interests. 

Friday, April 24:  Where we are with the Covid19 Pandemic. Updating Members on where we are by late April. 

Among the topics to be covered during the series: 

  1. Update on How the Federal Stimulus Act will benefit franchised businesses 
  2. Summary of AAFD support initiatives 
  3. Report on the AAFD Survey of Franchisor Relief Response Efforts 
  4. Innovative efforts of AAFD Chapters to protect member interests 
  5. The importance of group actions – The critical importance of the 2020 Franchisee Leadership Summit that is scheduled for October 14-17 in Mesa Arizona 
  6. Report on Membership Growth and Recruitment 
  7. Legal Update – 
    • the importance of Force Majeure (Act of God) protections in franchise agreements 
    • Royalty Abatement vs. Deferral 
    • Protecting Franchisee bank accounts – beware of sweep rights and auto-payments 
    • Cautions about franchise agreement amendments 
    • Beware of demands for general releases