The AAFD is exited to announce our newest Branded Partner, The Best Postcards, which will be powering our new and improved AAFD Printing & Direct Mail program.

Andrew Ettinger, and his talented team of marketing professionals, focus on direct mail print services and offer a full range of services for all AAFD members and their marketing needs. In this day and age, more and more people are ignoring emails, but most of us still take a look at what comes in the mailbox. A well-designed and well-targeted postcard or mailer can be a unique way to get in front of your clients. The Best Postcards can even pair your direct mail campaign with a companion social media campaign to expand your visibility.

“We are thrilled to be selected as the AAFD’s branded partner for AAFD member printing and direct mail needs,” said The Best Postcards CEO, Andrew Ettinger. “We know we offer the best product, the best customer service at the best possible pricing which makes us a perfect match for the AAFD.”

AAFD Chairman, Robert Purvin expressed his pleasure at welcoming The Best Postcards as the AAFD’s partner for the AAFD Printing and Direct Mail Program.

“AAFD Branded Programs are designed to deliver the power of group purchasing to AAFD members, and the program offered to AAFD members by The Best Postcards under the AAFD Brand certainly delivers on our promise of top quality products and services marketed and cobranded by the AAFD and our Branded Program Partners.”

Like with all AAFD Branded Programs, the AAFD has negotiated with The Best Postcards to secure great value and discounted pricing for AAFD members, as well as volume rebates to support our chapters. “The ultimate win-win-win programs designed to advance our members marketing objectives, save our members’ money and support our chapters,” said Purvin.

These special discount prices are only available to AAFD members!

Out of the gate, the AAFD Printing and Direct Mail Program from The Best Postcards introduces great deals exclusively for AAFD members:

  • 10,000 postcards starting at just $0.29 each, including postage . . . Delivered!!!
  • 25,000 postcards starting at just $0.27 each
  • 10,000 envelope mailers starting at $0.32 each, including postage . . . Delivered!!!
  • 25,000 envelope mailers starting at $0.28 each

With this pricing from the AAFD Printing and Direct Mail Program by The Best Postcards, your next direct mail campaign can also be more affordable than ever! You won’t just get the best prices on your direct mailing costs with The Best Postcards, you’ll also get the best service as well. The Best Postcards can manage every aspect of your direct mail campaign.

Contact Andrew Ettinger or Ashley Sanborn to learn more about the discounts and offers for you and your business marketing needs.

Andrew Ettinger
Phone: 888-225-0655
Phone: 203-760-0189

Ashley Sanborn


Printing and Direct Mail
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