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Thinking of Buying a Franchise? Pick Up a Copy of The Franchise Fraud First

Posted on Date: Apr 6, 2015

Thinking of Buying a Franchise? Pick Up a Copy of The Franchise Fraud First


Franchising is often seen as a safer bet than starting your own business. Many potential franchise owners believe that franchising offers the thrill of entrepreneurship backed by a proven business plan. The Franchise Fraud, by Robert Purvin peels away the myths surrounding franchising, layer by layer.

Purvin, a franchise attorney and the CEO of the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers, has been a prominent advocate for franchisee interests for decades. In The Franchise Fraud, Purvin provides a critical and unflinching view of the modern franchise based upon Purvin’s 40 plus years of experience in the industry. The Franchise Fraud exposes many misperceptions about the stability and success rate of franchising, while also providing practical guidance on how to separate the wheat from the chaff and navigate to a successful franchise business. Those who are considering buying a franchise can’t afford to ignore this well-researched and valuable resource. In these pages, Purvin explains how many franchisors reel in franchisees with misleading promises and then trap them in unforgiving franchise agreements that offer little or no freedom.

Purvin also puts forth a new vision of franchising, one that operates on mutual respect and openness between franchisees and franchisor. This vision was codified by the AAFD as the Fair Franchising Standards. Using the Fair Franchising Standards, a franchise buyer can research and discover worthwhile franchising opportunities that do not perpetuate The Franchise Fraud.

The Franchise Fraud is available on Amazon as an ebook and print book. The ebook retails for $8.99, a reasonable price for the value of the information within. The Franchise Fraud is a great starting point for anyone researching franchise opportunities and can also make a great gift to anyone who has thought about purchasing a franchise.
The Franchise Fraud also comes included with any AAFD membership.

Check out some of the things readers have said about The Franchise Fraud:
“If you are considering buying a franchise, you must buy this book.” Neil Mavis

“The most intelligent and well reasoned business book I have read in a long time.” Ari Good

“They’ll hate you for reading this.” Anonymous

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