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The AAFD is dedicated to the encouragement and support of the highest standards in franchising practices for both franchisees and franchisors. Total Quality Franchising (TQF) represents our expression that the best franchise systems are built through the colaborative and negotiated efforts of franchise systems in which franchisors and franchisees have formed strong bonds of respect and mutual support for the overall success of the network and business of the system.

Total Quality Franchising is embodied by franchise systems which operate in substantial compliance with the AAFD's Fair Franchising Standards, and which have earned the AAFD's Fair Franchising Seal. TQF begins with franchisees bonding together to provide a peer to peer support network, and to develop negotiating leverage for the franchisee network with respect to the franchisor, suppliers and vendors, and ultimately with customers. TQF includes franchisors who recognize their franchisees rights to have an independent association, and who demonstrate a willingness to work with their franchisees to strengthen the overall system.

In essence, TQF includes all that the AAFD stands for. To further understand TQF click below on the variety of topics which are embraced by this most important concept:

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