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Independent Franchisee Associations—Special Limited Time Offer: FREE One-Year AAFD Association Membership Just for Checking Us Out!

Posted on Date: Jun 19, 2019


For over 25 years, the AAFD has pursued a market driven approach to reforming the franchise community. Unfortunately, we live in a political climate dominated by franchisor influence and a dearth of franchisee associations rallying together in common cause. The laws and legal precedents continue to strongly favor franchisor interests. The importance of franchisee associations to aggregate their combined resources under a common banner has never been more essential. 

  • Strength in Numbers—an essential reason that franchisees form owners’ associations.  
  • Strength in Numbers—also the essential reason your Association should be affiliated with the AAFD.  
  • Through our growing numbers, AAFD is becoming a compelling force to promote Total Quality Franchising practices in the franchising community. 

The AAFD has developed and promoted Fair Franchising Standards, promotes effective franchisee associations, and works to reward collaborative franchise systems. Through our Franchisee Leadership Council (FLC), the Franchisee LegaLine, the Franchisee Bill of Rights, and the AAFD Fair Franchising Standards, the AAFD has established itself as a leader in defining franchisee rights and in promoting franchisee interests. Our goal is to increase the negotiating leverage of member associations by offering our prestigious Fair Franchising Seal to place fair-minded franchisors on a pedestal in the franchising marketplace. 

As we grow our community of independent franchisee associations, the AAFD's Franchisee Leadership Council is positioned as a powerful voice for franchisees throughout the United States. Click Here to see the full summary of AAFD Association Member benefits. 

AAFD Affiliated Association dues start at $2000 and includes two paid delegate registrations at the AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit, September 15-18 in Mesa, Arizona However, to encourage associations to test our waters, we are pleased to make this Special Limited Time Offer. 

Send a delegation of two or more attendees to the 2019 AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit at AAFD Member rates and the AAFD will extend a FREE year of Association Membership to your Association (more than $1000 savings!). And enjoy our group rates for additional attendees! Now you can Look Before You Leap and evaluate for yourself the value of joining our community! 

Register Today – Take advantage of our Early Bird Registration through June 30, 2019
(If you prefer, copy this link into your web browser: 

As an AAFD Affiliated Association member, your own members have the right to individual AAFD Affiliate membership for just $39 annual dues per member. You also have the option to include AAFD Affiliate Membership for all your members at the rate of just $20 per member—ask us for details. Click here for a full summary of Individual Affiliate Membership benefits. 

Many associations can justify the cost of AAFD membership in legal support savings alone! 

Small groups may find it more cost effective to join as internal chapters of the AAFD. AAFD internal chapters benefit from the AAFD's tax exempt status and chapter support services  

Please reach out to us to answer any questions you have, or to host a conference call with your board, and to learn how we can work together to level the playing field in franchising and help us achieve our vision of Total Quality Franchising!