In 1215, King John of England signed the Magna Carta, granting, for the first time, legal protections and rights to his barons and noblemen. In effect, the Magna Carta was the result of the first franchisee revolt in recorded history. That’s exactly what I suggest in a great new feature article on the AAFD published by Blue MauMau, the premiere franchise industry publication.

Franchising Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

In the first in a series of articles, Blue MauMau editor, Don Sniegowski and I discuss the AAFD’s 25th anniversary along with our organization’s upcoming Franchisee Leadership Summit and Conference, happening April 30th – May 3rd. In a wide-ranging discussion, we chat about:

  • The historical roots of franchising
  • What new franchisee associations get wrong
  • What the most successful franchisee associations have been able to accomplish.

I also tackle the often-asked question of whether franchisee associations are effective.

Pass this Article on

Please take a look at this great article and pass it along to all your fellow franchisees, especially those on the fence about joining an independent franchisee association. If you DO know someone who is either considering creating an independent franchisee association or who is trying to decide whether or not to join an existing association, please encourage them to attend our Franchisee Leadership Summit and Conference. This is going to be the best place to meet franchisee association members and leaders and to learn how to form and support a successful franchisee association.

HURRY! Early bird pricing for the conference is ending soon!

IMAGE by [King John signing the Magna Carta (image:Wikipedia)]