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Legislative update: California Bill – SB919

By AAFD and Keith Miller|June 4th, 2024|

California State Senator Tom Umberg has introduced Senate Bill 919 which would require the registration of franchise sellers. The bill would also allow franchisees to sue the franchise seller if violations of the California disclosure law have occurred, including the ...


Linda Ballesteros from “All Things Franchising”, interviews Robert Purvin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of AAFD

In an effort to further the mission of AAFD through opportunities to discuss the organization and educate the public of the support that AAFD provides franchisees, Robert Purvin conducted an extensive conversation with well-known podcaster, Linda Ballesteros from “All Things Franchising.” The platform of the podcast is to engage franchisees in all aspects of business. The interview with Bob was under one hour and consisted of Bob discussing the inception of the AAFD, the resources that AAFD provides its members, why it is important to have an organization that supports ...

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